Spa Pyrene has a Wellness Space with an water circuit, a Space for facial and body treatments, and a Fitness Space. Prior reservation is required.

Price adults: € 15,00

Price children (6 – 16 years old): € 10,00

Price children (0 – 6 years old): Free of charge

Wellness Space: Monday to Saturday, from 13:00h to 21:00h. Sunday from 09:00h to 17:00h.

Children hours (0 – 15 years old): Check with reception

Fitness Space: from 07:30h to 21:00h.

Limited capacity and previous reservation.

1 hour access.

The Refuge of Pyrene

The discovery of ancient Roman baths throughout the geography of southern Europe, leads us to think that these baths were fundamental places where social and cultural life developed and that they served as a meeting point.

They were temples of health and beauty where through water, essential oils and natural treatments, the art of healing properties was possessed, both spiritual and energetic and physical.

Spa Pyrene wants to recover this legacy by offering you unforgettable experiences to recover the well-being and beauty both inside and outside, taking advantage of the multiple possibilities offered by the rich Pyrenean land.

There are few places in the world where you can find calm, peace, beauty and health.

Let us be that place for you

Our Ancestral Practices


  • Decontracting massage 50 ́

    Massage technique that works the muscles at a deep level, seeking their relaxation and quick recovery

    85 €
  • Masaje après-ski con arnica y caléndula 60 ́

    Decontracting massage implemented with the anti-inflammatory and soothing properties of these two plants typical of the pyrenees.

    90 €
  • Masaje après ski + estiramientos específicos 80 ́

    Highly recommended massage after intense exercise that helps functional recovery and relieves muscle and joint pain.

    120 €
  • Relaxing massage 50 ́

    Allow yourself the luxury of relaxing and relieving your daily tension, helping a perfect rest and disconnection.

    75 €
  • Deep relaxation massage 80 ́

    Mix of different relaxation techniques that will transport you wherever you let yourself go.

    105 €
  • Aromatherapy massage 50 ́

    Relaxing massage with oils specially formulated for your physical and mental well-being.

    80 €
  • Reflexology podal 50 ́

    I work on the reflex areas of the feet, in order to relieve tensions and find general well-being.

    90 €
  • Relaxing massage with candles 50 ́

    Massage with candles of hot shea butter, which provide extra well-being and hydration

    80 €

“Hercules, the great warrior and Demigod who was fighting the enemies of Iberia, could not save the beautiful and beloved Princess Pyrene. Sad and heartbroken, he covered the body with a blanket of ashes. Also on the body of the beautiful princess, he was piling up large stones in the form of a mausoleum. One stone after another shaped this unique tomb and created the majestic Pyrenean mountain range.”

Small secrets of the Pyrenees

  • Cranio-facial relaxation 25 ́

    Relaxation massage with gentle maneuvers on the neck, skull and face.

    45 €
  • Back and Neck Massage 25 ́

    Specific relaxation of the muscles of the back and neck, to release the tensions of the day to day.

    45 €
  • Tired Legs Massage 25 ́

    Indicated to eliminate heaviness of legs and relieve fatigue.

    45 €
  • Relaxing Massage Podal 25 ́

    Gentle and relaxing maneuvers on the sole of the foot to facilitate rest.

    45 €


“One of the first inhabitants of the Pyrenean valleys was Netú, a cruel and moody giant, who with the help of an arrow ended the life of Atland, descendant of the ancient Atlanteans who held the world on their shoulders. The gods, witnessing that scene, threw lightning on Netú, which instantly collapsed being buried by thousands of rocks until creating the Aneto”.


  • Facial Treatment Oily Skin 50 ́

    70 €
  • Facial Treatment Combination skin 50 ́

    70 €
  • Dry skin facial treatment 50 ́

    70 €
  • Anti-aging Treatment 50 ́

    70 €


“Daughter of King Tubal, beloved of Hercules, dies like her father at the hands of the monstrous giant Geryon, terrible being of three bodies, son of Chrysaor and Calirroe.”


Amber, Vanilla and Patchouli

This journey of beauty takes you to the discovery of Ayurvedic aromas with wonderful and intense notes It is a spiritual journey of 1000 fragrances, authentic legacy of traditions.

The beauty secret of African women is Shea butter. This product is a rejuvenation cure with regenerating and nourishing properties. It softens the epidermis while nourishing it in depth.

  • Trip to the Spice Route 80 ́

    95 €

Musk, Incensus and Vanilla

An elegant, feminine and deeply enchanting journey, straight into the heart of beauty. Udaipur, the Hindu Venice gives us notes of Musk, Incimse and Vanilla, princely and sensual.

This ritual of perfumes and cosmetics is meant to relax the body and take our mind on a journey.

  • Travel to Udaipur 80 ́

    95 €

Orange Blossom

Inspired by Oriental Gardens, full of Orange Blossom. This delicate and soothing flower has been used for centuries in beauty for its multiple benefits. Delicious and sensual protagonist in many ancestral rituals.

  • Trip of Delight 80'

    95 €

Green Tea and Ginger

In the vicinity of the Himalayas the freshest Green Tea is born. One of the beauty secrets of Asian women and that together with the root of ginger, a species full of mystery for its sweet and spicy perfume provides the skin with a large amount of detox properties.

  • Trip to Darjeeling 80 ́

    95 €

If you wish to cancel your reservation, you must notify the SPA at least 2 hours prior to your scheduled appointment or you will be charged the full amount of the treatment at the time of Check Out.